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Swimming Lessons Terms of Use


Information for Parents

Before your child attends their first lesson there are a few things you need to be aware of in the conditions of use:
  1. All Swimming lesson places will initially be allocated to swimmers already on lessons
  2. New swimmers can join at any time
  3. Once payment has been made for swimming lessons no refunds or reimbursements will be available unless absence is confirmed by signed doctors notes in such cases all credits will be offered as discount in future swimming lesson payments.
  4. All swimmers must swipe into the facility using their membership card/ payment slip verify and register swimmer at their visit.
  5. Swimmers must wear appropriate swimming attire:
    • Male: Lycra shorts/trunks (no holiday shorts)
    • Female: One piece costume (no bikinis or tankinis).
    • No jewellery to be worn at any time during the lessons.
  6. All lessons are subject to a 5 min registration and administration time during the allocated session time.
  7. Class numbers are restricted and set by council to ensure a quality teaching environment and are based on the ASA safe supervision for teaching environment
  8. A safe and controlled environment is paramount for a successful swimming lesson programme to be undertaken, therefore please do not walk onto poolside/distract teachers/lifeguards
  9. Queries regarding the lesson programme or individual swimmers progress can be made using our Enquiry Form (you must be logged in to use this facility)
  10. All swimmers must not enter the pool hall until the instructor is present. Swimmers are required to report to the poolside no more than 5 minutes prior to the start of the lesson. All swimmers progress should be directed to the home portal.
  11. Swimmers ability and speed of progression will vary depending on the individual. Swimmers will only progress when all competencies have been satisfied as set up under the ASA guidelines.
  12. The use of camera/photograph is strictly prohibited at all times within the facility
  13. Ensure you have provided all the information your child’s swimming teacher needs to know about your child
  14. Remember to bring some change for the lockers where applicable, to store your child’s items securely
  15. Ensure your child has everything they need for their lesson, appropriate swimwear, towel and goggles(if required).
  16. Use the changing areas provided and not the shower or viewing areas. Encourage your child to use the toilet and take a pre swim shower before a swimming lesson
  17. Ensure your child is not left unattended before and after lessons
  18. Do not distract the swimming teachers during lessons, if you have an enquiry please use our Enquiry Form (you must be logged in to use this facility) a response will be made within 10 working days.
  19. Ensure payments are up to date. Your child could be taken off the programme if payments are not up to date which may cause confusion and disappointment for your child.

We hope that your child enjoys their swimming lessons and their aquatic journey with us