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Frequently Asked Questions from Parents

Active Knowsley Aquatics Programme

If you have any concerns please read this collection of frequently asked questions before contacting us. If you are still unclear about something feel free to contact us using our Enquiry Form (you must be logged in to use this facility).

How do I enrol my child onto lessons??

The easiest way to join swimming lessons is online using this website all you need is an email address, you can book lessons online and access the progress of your child each week. if your child is already competent in the water and not a non swimmer you maybe offered a free 15 minutes assessment so the instructor can put your child on the correct stage, If the class is full you will be offered an alternative. Click here to join now

How long does it take to complete a stage?

Children learn to swim at their own pace. There are a number of ways to help and encourage your child’s progression in swimming. As your child joins the swimming journey, each stage becomes more tricky and there are more skills to work on. It is fairly common for a child to remain on a stage for more than 3/4 courses, ASA says a child may be on a stage for 12 months, Whilst we cannot always offer a stage award to your child, we may be able to offer a distance badge to motivate your child to progress further.

Why do some teachers get in the water and some don’t?

Whilst all teachers have consistency in the evaluation of lessons, each teacher may differ in the methods they use to progress children. Some teachers prefer to offer independent learning, have full vision over all children and teach from the side of the pool. Other teachers take preference over being inside the pool to offer more support, both methods are equally effective

Teacher's use of floats/tubes, it feels like my child is going backwards?

Floats/ tubes are used for all ages, even those at the Olympics!!! Floats can be used to correct body position, strengthen leg kick and generally improve a child’s swimming. If your child uses floats in lessons, this does not mean that they are regressing.

My child was in the big pool, why are they back in the small pool?

If your child is taken back to the small pool, they have not gone backwards, they are merely concentrating on stroke technique so that they can eventually swim effortlessly and effectively for longer.

When should my child stop having swimming lessons?

Your child can attain stages 1-7, We then offer stroke development classes for stages 8,9,10 for those children who do not wish to swim competitively. There are several swimming clubs available to those who have finished stage 7:
  • Bridgefield Swimming Club -
  • Garston Swimming Club –
  • Prescot Swimming Club –

What should we expect from the lesson?

The lesson should consist of a warm up, main theme and contrast. Your child may be seen playing games in their lesson to encourage them to develop skills. This does not mean that they are not learning. Recent research suggests that children learn best through play and by working in a fun environment.

My child is in their lesson, can I leave the building?

You are responsible for your child throughout the lesson. You must not leave the building during your child’s lesson.

How long does a lesson last?

Each swimming lesson is 30 minutes; we have 5 minute registration process within each 30 minute lesson.

What does my child need for his/her swimming lessons?

Your child requires shorts/trunks or a swim costume they may also bring a pair of goggles though ASA states that goggles aren’t necessary until higher stages when swimming becomes more technical.

What can I do to help my child's swimming progress?

Going to family swims and attending swim lessons can increase the likelihood of your child feeling confident and comfortable in the water. Joining via direct debit gives your child unlimited public swimming sessions for free as well as your once a week lesson. (This is £18 a month) See reception for any discounts available.

What happens if a lesson is missed?

If a lesson is missed due to illness we can try to accommodate you elsewhere, if you have a doctor’s note to support this.

What happens if a lesson is cancelled?

If we cancel a lesson we will try our best to contact you in advance. Please make sure your personal details are kept up to date at reception. We will try and accommodate you at another time in programme to make up for missed lessons otherwise please contact our swimming team.

What happens to assessments if another teacher takes the class?

The assessments are kept up to date each week by each individual teacher and notes are made about each lesson so that progression is still possible if another teacher takes the class. We have a tick system in place too so that each required skill is ticked off when it is completed.

My child has already been assessed by another swim school...

The purpose of our free assessment is to gauge which class your child is best suited to. You cannot can book on lessons without an assessment and your child may not be at the same stage with Knowsley as he/she was at their previous school. We do not accept certification from other swim schools.

What happens if my child needs the toilet during a lesson?

The teacher will show you a ‘T’ sign with their hands. You (the parent/guardian) will need to meet your child at the drop off point and take them to the toilet.


  • Volair Spa
  • Liverpool Canoe Club
  • Volair
  • Knowsley Council